New Enlightenment


New Enlightenment is the WS Society’s strategy to reanimate the public benefit mission at the heart of our status as an incorporated body of lawyers. As owners and custodians of one of the defining buildings that made classical Edinburgh, transforming the city and Scotland forever, New Enlightenment reprises the spirit that moved this branch of the legal profession to create one of the architectural, intellectual and cultural wonders of the age.

The first step of this strategy is a consultation on the WS Society applying to become a registered charity. A two-hundred-year-old building and its five hundred year old collections require constant and expensive conservation, particularly if they are to be made accessible to new audiences. New Enlightenment is a blueprint for the future and the Society’s Council believe charitable status will provide the optimal long-term structure to safeguard the heritage of the WS Society and the Signet Library for successive generations.